Saturday, September 13, 2008


So ladies & gentlemen what do ya think!!! isn't it time for the 4 eyed Loch Ness Alaskan monster to take a ride back on the tundra trolley ??? Man O Man this is the future of America ?? I would rather fight than switch I once heard someone say.. Forget all the bullshit that all parties are slinging back and forth,this women,viper,cataclysmic walking disaster area has to tell McCain what she claims to have told everyone else about the bridge THANKS BUT NO THANKS....I am actually cringing each and every time I hear that voice of hers,that fake sweet sickening stylized look she gives,and shes fucking stupid !!!! I implore all people of these great united states to please see beyond the crap see beyond the so called hype see beyond it all and realize this is a massive mistake to place this she devil anywhere near Washington leave her in some beaver hole in some frozen corner of her frozen ass state. What does it take where do we go from here how in the hell do we get her ass out of the way....John McCain is just as silly ass dumb,like fucking Elmer Fudd he is Yoda could do more!!!I just get sick watching this woman,that stupid "hey ya wanna meet the first dude" give me a fucking break..I promised myself I would not get into the daughter thing but fuck it..What a selfish bitch Palin is she outed her own daughter for the sake of being a big shot Washington asshole,she exposed that 17 year old girl to media madness,they showed one kid actually using spit to fix the baby's hair, WHITE TRASH I SAY!!!
my god in heaven please help rid us of this Palin know people some may agree some may not but lets all think about all of this real hard...look at the way she speaks,look at the way she acts,look at the comments from people that really know her,she will screw anyone to get ahead,she will fuck people over has fucked people over and no one is getting it.This is a dangerous person,one that really has to leave the race,this isn't a PTA event is the fucking 2nd highest office in the world,mooseburgers in the executive dining room,what will it be on a slow Sunday clubbing the baby seals on the white house lawn,or maybe she can do love boat commercials for the Alaskan cruise lines...because sure as shit she is not qualified to be the vice president,hell she is qualified to be a chummer chucker on the deadliest catch..well thats it for today write back write often but write because I am going to write all day all night until this weasel bitch takes a hike off the campaign thank you and good night